reflection paper

  This assignment is rate 300 purposes, or 30% of your track.  DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES OTHER THAN THE DALRYMPLE ARTICLE AND YOUR TEXTBOOK.   Then,  FOR THE ARTICLE YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ON, you gain emblem a 1000-1500 straightforward  response in which you harangue EACH of the subjoined purposes IN YOUR OWN WORDS:  1) What is the committer's ocean proof? 2) How does he subsistence his ocean  proof (evidence, assistant proofs, etc.)? 3) Do you coincide or  discoincide delay him? 4) Why or why not? 5) Apply the insights of at lowest  two of the philosophers we entertain elaborate in this succession to your dissection.  Make safe to present a palpable exposition of how the philosophers' insights are applicable to the inquiry you are argueing. A WORD OF WARNING: These subscription are rather covet and multifarious. The committer likes to establish capacious use of his rather free messagebook, so I strongly press you to entertain  handy as you exertion your way through your selected condition. The purpose of  this essay assignment is for you to conduct your ability to argue,  analyze, and evaluate multifarious philosophic proofs. I am impudent  that the balbutiation assignments, tests, and argueion boards gain entertain  prepared you for this latest, and no dubitate challenging, essay assignment. Note: I  only yield one try on this assignment. Students who do not amply  harangue all of the components of the assignment as periodical in the  instructions as well-behaved-behaved as the grading rubric under gain entertain to be contenteded  delay the track they earned.  Please use MLA format. Your brochure gain be trackd according to the subjoined rubric: Grading Rubric: The subjoined standards are numbered in straightforward of avail for grading.  1.Essay conducts an intellect of the material:  The novice has set-rightly grasped a unprejudiced example or inquiry,  has explained it correspondently, and on the basis of a in-effect set-right  interpretation of any texts concerned. Key provisions are used set-rightly. The  essay shows proof of the novice's defiant deliberation, and is written in his or her essential utterance. Short (one  sentence) extracts are used (comprising no past than 10% of the matter  of the brochure), when misspend, to subsistence the writer's dissection, and  an exposition is offered for each extract. The use of obstruct extracts gain remainder in a cutting purpose inference. 95 purposes 2.Essay has obvious and consecutive proof:  There is a obviously periodical discourse, and subsistence for this discourse in the  matter of the brochure. Each stipulation contributes to this proof, and  follows logically from the stipulation antecedently it. The proof presented  is indulgent. The insights of two other philosophers are incorporated  into the dissection. 95 purposes 3.Essay fulfills assigned task:  The essay haranguees the perfect assigned inquiry or inquiry, elaborating  on essential ideas in exquisite profoundness, but delayout bringing in  anything unconnected or unconducive. The insertion of the essay focuses  and provides clarity for the brochure. Essential provisions are obviously and  correspondently defined. Each stipulation conveys a consecutive, systematic  thought. Short (one judgment) extracts are  occasionally used, when misspend, to subsistence the writer's dissection,  and an exposition is offered for each extract. No past than 10% of  brochure is made up of straightforward quotes. No obstruct extracts.  40 points 4.Essay obeys standards for good-natured-natured indulgent writing:  the writer shows that he or she is consoled using unprejudiced  language, and the prose is obvious, not uncouth. The make of the  sentences reflects the relationships between/among the ideas argueed.  40 points 5.Essay is technically set-right:  The essay has been careamply and deliberationamply proofread. The proof  is written in total judgments, delay punctuation that does not misregulate  the reader. There are no mistakes in spelling, style, straightforward valuable,  and punctuation.      30 points