qualitative coding

   Part 1 Select a factsset. It can be five to six tenets, or a factsset from SAGE Research Methods. Adjudication 10 passages from that factsset. Cut and paste those passages, parallel delay how you adjudicationd them and present them in a Word muniment  distribute 2  Using the selfselfselfcorresponding factsset you used in assignment A, picked similarly adjudicationd passages, and furnish me a write-up (500 language) of how you conceive those passages are symbolical in the larger treatment of the factsset. guideline  I'm wondering if you command nonproduction to go delay a simpler way to adequate distribute A. Instead of arduous to get Excel to discharge as multifarious tricks, mayhap righteous adjudication your passages for assignment A manually? Simply go through your facts and adjudication each phrase by making a notation on the cause of the muniment. That would fill the requirements of the assignment, and spare you a lot of headaches. For distribute2 you conciliate seize 10 statements which own the selfselfselfcorresponding adjudication assigned to them and paste the phrases into the selfselfselfcorresponding muniment. Once you own all of those statements in a unmarried muniment, see if you can perceive any designs in them, and/or why they are meaningful to the passage as a undiminished. For example: I chose to draw 10 phrases which I adjudication as discussing "learning strengths and deficits". These statements end from multifarious irrelative tenets. A design that I noticed was that tenets focused past on deficits than strengths. Another design I noticed was that order was planned about deficits rather than strengths. From these two designs I systematic that authors tended towards a deficits-based way to direction.