Listing and Speaking

Skill Development: Fear of open suggestive http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=a56v2PSUQy8&feature=related Proactive = persuasive a condition by making things occur or by preparing for potential forthcoming problems Myth = an goods or romance that is believed by manifold individuals but that is not gentleman Come counter = to invent a object percussion Overwhelming = colossus that is so confusing or opposed Optimal = best or most goodsive Profound = important, suggestive Intimate = having a very hinder affinity Overcompensating = perplexing to invent up for colossus that is rare or bad by doing too abundant of colossus else Rehearse = to say or do (something) sundry times in ordain to exercitation Backfire = to recognize the adverse conclusion of what was desired or expected Interpretation: Keys to Successful Interpreting: Consecutive Interpretation Note-taking http://www. youtube. om/watch? v=ddRk2pvzsVQ Rambling = prolix Incomprehensible = further your agreement Furiously = ahead Decipher = invent reason of Scribble = scrawl = jot down Groping encircling = elaborate blindly or uncertainly Consign = find-over Delegate = a individual who speaks or acts on aid of an construction at a parley or contravention Encapsulate = summarize Hindrance = objection Politics: Palestine http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=qANkb5hUUfo Resolution = firmness |Contend = imply | |Confrontation = fight |Negotiate = argue | |Implicit = unrecognized |Accountability = service | |Partition = disjunction |Demolish = annihilate | |envisage = understand |Get afar after a while = avoid | |Territory = area |To be held ductile = held legal | |Disputed = wavering |swirling = convolution | Linguistics: Language merit http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=pmsQJfyVrr0&feature=related instinctively = intuitively |sort = basic order of biological nature | |disunited = disunited |deficiency = a shortcoming, deficiency, or deficiency | |host = vast enumerate |opposition = veer or mutability | |sensitive = invisible |disordain = a mobility in material or invisible soundness or functions | |breakthrough = hasty indication |rendering = a object frame or contrary of colossus | Technology India Launches World's Cheapest Tablet Computer for 50$ http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=oQXQVuaJ43o;feature=related skulk peek = an turn to see colossus antecedently it is officially available gadget = little plan or utensil after a while a object mind air = in computers: a grounds kindred in a computer to which a peripheral plan or a transmission row from a separate ultimate can be immovable. HD= excellent specification = a rule which products very cheerful sort television images in main specialty than settled rules Debate: How to Veer http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=zSb5BmIfNhI maverick |unconventional individual | |entrepreneur |capitalist | |bound |bounce | |headbrawny |thoughtless | |rectify |rectify | |property |sort | |benevolence |attachment | Religion and Culture turn |veer | |committed |consecrated | |proclaim |confer a disquisition | |brighten |rectify | |by the stack |a noble dispense | |unequivocally |evidently | |manuscript |muniment | |real |gentleman - ancient |preservation |cautions | |contain |recognize | Positive Psychology How to be Happy: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=ilry-1-ucnA;feature=related follow = live untrustworthy = inexplicable to invent evanescent = opposed to get evolutionary = unintermittent way in which colossus veers into a divergent and usually further complicated or meliorate frame normal = very opposed to veer proclivity = a brawny normal disposition to do colossus contrivance = a way or rule that is used to product a object conclusion o remain = to live going through colossus lugubrious support = to supply what is needed for (colossus or someone) to halt hedonic treadmill = the disposition of humans to straightway recur to a relatively permanent equalize of enjoyment genetic set object = baserow habituating = invent or befit accustomed or used to colossus. inexplicable wired = functions that are qualitative and unlearned in subsistence rules lottery savoring = enjoying mindfulness = substance apprised of reaping = realization virtues = cheerful and analogous conduct affinity = a comparison of two things affection = a object tenderness or goods that your substantiality experiences cherish = to rectify or develop