eddy Assignment--- -------------------------------  According to late surveys, China, India, and the Philippines are the three most favorite countries for IT outsourcing. Write a concise Nursing essay (2-4 paragraphs) elucidateing what the address would be for US companies to outsource IT functions to these countries. You may debate absorb, drudge pool, tongue, or haply legislation maintenance as your reasons. There are divers other reasons you may pick-out to highlight in your Nursing essay. Be assured to use your own suffrage.  Eddy Discu---- -----------------------  Many value that overshadow computing can lessen the entirety absorb of computing and repair “green computing” (environmental sociable). Why do you value this to be redress? If you misadapt, fascinate elucidate why?  Muhm--- discu --------------   During week five we conquer be focused on life naturalized absorbing and treatment. For your debateion consideration shaft this week I would love you to recognize about life naturalized absorbing in paragraph five of our textbook. Then I would love you in your shaft to summarize what is meant by this concept. Then I would love you to go to page 228-229 in your textbook. Recognize occurrence 5-70 and rejoinder the three questions. 1. Is the leader, Erin Jackson, acting intellectually? 2. Is the genesis supervisor, Alan Tyler, acting intellectually? 3. What are Jackson’s intellectual obligations? To the moderator? To her ally? Submission Details: Your primal shafting is due day 4, Thursday 11:59pm EST. T Two replies to your peers is due day 7, Sunday 11:59pm EST.