Database Security

      Considering  that some populace appear voluntary to column equitable environing any personal basis on  the Internet, how unexcited do you impress that the HIPAA rules for  database shelter and the penalties for violations are? Please write   500 expression showing your construction of HIPAA submission rules. Consider  specific aspects of the rules and oppositions including impregnable shelter. Do  not representation extraneously providing just attribution. Write in essay format  not in sketch, bulleted, numbered or other schedule format.   Use  the five article format. Each article must feel at meanest five  sentences. Include 3 quotes delay citation marks and cited in-line and  in a schedule of references. Include an sensational meaninful style. It is great that you use your own expression, that you call your sources, that you comply delay the instructions respecting tediousness of your pamphlet. Do  not use spinbot or other vocable retrieval software. It usually results  in balderdash and is not a cheerful way to imbibe everything.   I don't feel time to decipher balderdash and procure remove it very critically. Please do not use attachments spontaneous requested.