Benchmark – Electronic Health Record Implementation

Benchmark - Electronic Soundness Proceedings Implementation Tractate      This benchmark assignment assesses the subjoined programmatic competencies: 2.3:        Develop example skills to collaborate on internegotiative teams in the anticipation of evidence-based, resigned-centered foresight.  5.2:     Apply negotiative, incorporeal, and regulatory standards of experience in the anticipation of protected, telling soundness foresight. One way informatics can be distinctly precious is in capturing basis to encourage proficiencys and property substitute in experience. The Agency for Healthforesight Research and Property (AHRQ) collects basis akin to preventive events and protectedty concerns. If you are launched amid a experience contrast to tool a new electronic soundness proceedings (EHR) regularity, this is exact one of the multifarious considerations your team would deficiency to contemplation for during the rollout way. In a tractate of 1,250-1,500 language, harangue the subjoined questions akin to the past registered nurse's role during this skin of scenario: 1) What key counsel would be deficiencyed in the basisbase that would apportion you to vestige opportunities for foresight proficiency? 2) What role does informatics dramatize in the ability to apprehend this basis? 3) Which regularitys and staff members would deficiency to be compromised in the guile and toolation way and team? 4) What negotiative, incorporeal, and regulatory standards must be incorporated into the guile and toolation of the regularity? 5)How would the EHR team secure that all regulate sets are deal-out of the new proceedings? 6) How would you impart the substitutes, including any skin of transition contemplation? 7) What measures and steps would you accept to evaluate the victory of the EHR toolation from a staff, contrast, and resigned perspective? 8) What example skills and theories would arrange collaboration after a while the internegotiative team and prepare evidence-based, resigned-centered foresight?  You are required to select five to 10 sources to accomplished this assignment. Sources must be published amid the last 5 years and misspend for the assignment criteria and nursing resigned. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines rest in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Victory Center. An unsymbolical is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please revisal the rubric precedent to preparation the assignment to grace conversant after a while the expectations for victoryful total.