From the Gothic - Vanni's "Madonna and Child Enthroned" (1343), pay suppress heed to stylistic features (i.e., mixture, garbling, use of light/shadow, perspective, figures, perplex, gestures, et al). Describe the goal and collate/contrast it to pieces we feel premeditated in arrange, whether in the PowerPoint lectures or in the textbook. When selecting goals to collate the museum piece to, be pungent. That is, try to meet goals that divide over characteristics than not. The aim of this assignment is for students to educe an eye for phraseology and to establish the astute differences that divide one technique or i-aim from another. 5-7 pages (envelop extension)  into an initiatory stipulation, substantiality, and disposal. The preliminary may conceive some public counsel (e.g., unromantic, economic, cultural) encircling the goal's restricted limit limit, the technique utilized to invent the goal, etc.  More importantly, the preliminary should conceive a disquisition declaration encircling the goal's overall aesthetic.  Then dispose the substantiality in a close, analytic usage. and deduce the Nursing Dissertation after a while some remarks encircling the discernment of the goal  finally, how it fits into a larger Renaissance to Rococo art unromantic framework. This is NOT a elimination Nursing Dissertation