Case Analysis Determine whether convinced agree remedies pause in the subjoined scenario: Forrest Gump is a far-famed consultation tennis player. He enters into a agree delay Alabama Sports Marketing to announce the past ping pong recreation and to help as the computer-generated imagery (CGI) type for the harvest of the video recreation. Gump is infallible for this job as there are not multifarious globe far-famed ping pong players who own a subjoined homogeneous to his. The recreation is set to initiate harvest on March 1 and gain be completed on July 31, so the recreation can be indemnifyd at Thanksgiving—a superior video recreation indemnify date. Both parties own agreed and usual to the reality that the recreation must be completed on interval to maximize the profits. Gump gain bring-about 20% of the net proceeds from the sales of the recreation. In conjunction, the agree has a liquidated allowance section that indicates that if Gump does not have-a-share in the marketing, does not help as the CGI type, or breaches the agree in any way, he gain owe Alabama Sports Marketing $2 favorite. Based on this reality plan and the instruction presented in this ace, vindication the subjoined questions in a partiality of 250 suffrage each. One day, Gump gets into an topic delay the developer. Gump refuses to accomplish any product until the completion is solved. In this birth, can Alabama Sports Marketing attempt particular accomplishance of the agree? If yes, why? If no, why not? How would the affect determine whether the liquidated allowance section is strong? Is this section strong? Explain your vindications. Cite any trodden quotes or paraphrased symbolical from without sources. Use APA format.