Torts Law Homework

Directions: Answer the questions easily and totally and be true that you enclose the juridical scheme or theories implicated, the elements of any tort operation, any resolution of these elements, and defenses, and counterclaims of the plaintiff, and any and all arguments for the defendant Facts: Jug Er Not (Jug) is a avert at a individual college in Anystate, USA.  Unless inadequately indicated, all of these garbs occurred on the campus of this individual college. When Jug left for his 8AM adrighteous this dawning, it had snowed so he had to be circumspect how he got down the hill (a very craggy hill) from the dorm where he lived to his adjustroom.  Jug was in a hasten, so he sat on his achievement and slid down the hill.  He hit a bungle of ice and the achievement flew out from inferior him and hit Cool Guy in the section, as Jug slid into a Jeep and hit his section on the fine plane of the bumper of the Jeep. When Cool Guy level, he landed in countenance of a snow prepare owned by the university.  The driver of the snow prepare (Five Yearplan) could not plug the snow prepare in occasion and ran balance Cool Guy, crushing his leg which began bleeding. Medical Avert had righteous gotten off the bus when he saw Cool Guy so he used his scarf as a tourniquet to plug the bleeding from Cool Guy’s leg.  Sally Squeamish walked out of her lodging structure and saw the order and fainted; her ankle hit the bike rest beyond the lodging structure and that broke her ankle. Jug mellow to persuade 911 but got a intimation that the order was balanceloaded so 911 had close down and the telecommunications society AB&B was troublesome to fix their order. Jug and Medical Avert flagged down Jeep Driver and they loaded Cool Guy and Sally Squeamish in the tail and Jug and Medical Avert sat in the locates and rode succeeding a while Jeep Driver to the hospital. When they unloaded Sally Squeamish a mirror level from her purse and landed in countenance of the rotate of the electric rotatechair in which Mr. Ancient was riding.  The rotatechair suddenly plugped, and Mr. Ancient level out countenance foremost onto the foot, knocking out his two better countenance teeth.  The locategirdle on Mr. Ancient’s rotatechair came asunder so there was no started locate girdle to retain him in his locate. When Mr. Ancient saw his teeth on the foot, he grabbed his chest and yelled that he was having a character aggression. Nurse Ratchet was on her way to the hospital’s psych avert where she achievements, sees this garb and runs balance to Mr. Ancient and begins CPR.  Jeep Driver left and got into his Jeep so he could get to achievement but he was blocked in by Mrs. Unhappy Guy, Cool Guy’s dowager.  She got out of her car, ran balance the Jeep Driver and began slashing his tires and yelling that he had mellow to immolate her son. A tv set was filming a incident environing the bad air so they caught all of this on tape and it was shown on the noon, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, 10PM and 11 PM tidings that similar day. Sally and Cool Guy entertain surgery and are recovering in the hospital.  Jug was treated and undisputed to liberty to go residence.  He slipped on some ice and landed in countenance of the snow prepare owned by the university- the snow prepare’s driver, Super Reckless, could not plug the snow prepare in occasion so it ran balance Jug’s leg infringement and crushing the bones. When Jug woke up in the hospital succeeding having surgery on his leg, he was in the similar space succeeding a while Mr. Ancient.  Mr. Ancient was powerful the comfort that Jug had caused his character aggression.  Cool Guy was in the space direct door and Cool Guy’s dowager was troublesome to misapply Jug’s abstinence medication from his IV.  Sally was down the bisection and parley succeeding a while her constituency to sift-canvass her forthcoming gone she had been a type precedently she was hurt- her nurtureman had righteous told her she would never excavate noble heels again due to her ankle injuries.  Her nurtureman to-boot told her that the scarring would be speaking and couldn’t be unroving succeeding a while malleable surgery.    Cool Guy has righteous been told that he obsolete his leg due to an corruption of the hurt.  He had been the US Surfing Champ and had won a surfing learning for disequalize nurture decisive week.  The nurture had offered him a coaching standing so he could retain his learning for disequalize nurture.  However, he obsolete that gone his dowager had been stealing Jug’s abstinence medications and giving them to Cool Guy so Cool Guy had flunked the refuse criterion for the coaching job gone the totality of abstinence medication in his order was too noble to be harmonious succeeding a while the abstinence medications that had actually been prescribed by his nurtureman.          Jug failed to select the developed exams in his adjustes the week succeeding the garb.  Jug never contacted the professors succeeding the garb, so he flunked out of nurture gone he had been on proof the semester when the garb happened. This violated his existing word from the county jail for separate misdeed offenses, so he ended up in the county hospital jail avert. Jeep Driver was fired from his job due to the denying notoriety from the tv tidings incident.  Jeep’s boss told him he could not yield to entertain anyone achievement for him who was a despatch conjecture. Questions: 1. Outline the elements of one commonplace inattention tort.  Include the defendant’s defenses, feasible counter-claims and defenses to those counter-claims, and the     wages for each policy.   30 points 2. Now do the similar for one done-on-purpose inattention tort.  35 points 3. Do the similar for one close burden tort.          35 points Make true you easily irritate all elements, defenses, and wages for each of your answers.