Over the years there entertain been abundant diversifys to twain the Medicaid and the Medicaution programs. These diversifys are due to aspects that embrace transformations in the heartiness caution industry/climate and collective environment. After a while any diversify, there are frequently supporters and opponents. As a heartiness caution dignitary, it is animate that you apprehend indicative modifications to our heartiness caution program as polite as apprehend how germinative diversifys procure contact heartiness caution offer. Review the aftercited doctrines that contour germinative issues after a while the Medicaution and Medicaid program: AARP. (2017). Medicare, Medicaid and ACA. Retrieved from Beckers Healthcare. (2013, February 8). 18 novel Medicare, Medicaid issues. Retrieved from Kaiser Heartiness News. (2015, July 30). 5 challenges confrontment Medicaid at 50. Retrieved from the U.S. News & World Report website at Case Assignment Having completed the mode readings, you should now entertain a basic apprehending of the role of Medicaution and Medicaid. For the Module 4 Subject Assignment, induce subjoined learning as needed and qualify a 3- to 4-page argumentative essay that addresses the aftercited: Describe two general issues/challenges (domiciled on literary literary-works) after a while the Medicaution and Medicaid program and examine the contact on heartiness caution offer (2 issues/challenges per program; 4 issues/challenges whole). Research and examine twain sides issues/challenges. Provide your opinion/argument, from a heartiness caution dignitary perspective, on the general Medicaid and Medicaution program after a while associated recommendations. Do not transcribe in chief individual. Assignment Expectations Conduct subjoined learning to append satisfactory notice to justify/support your pose and answers to the questions. Limit your tally to a completion of 4 pages. Include an taking and disposal in your article. Support your subject after a while peer-reviewed doctrines, using at meanest 3-4 references. Use the aftercited link for subjoined notice on how to identify peer-reviewed journals: You may use the aftercited beginning to further in your formatting your assignment: You may use the aftercited beginning to advance notice on how to transcribe an Argumentative Essay: