Pick a question that we cloak in tabulate (can be the selfselfsame as the training breath or incongruous) and frame a 10-15 slide bestowal reviewing the erudition on star allied to that question. This is an specific assignment,  Your bestowal should involve the following:  Introduction --> Involve a brief background of the question (1-2 slides) Current Status of Knowledge --> Explain what is currently understand encircling your chosen question (7-12 slides) You must involve notification from two PRIMARY examination provisos in your bestowal (If you are uninfallible what a original examination proviso is, there are some links in the Bonus and Assignments module). Conclusions and Future Studies --> Summarize what you build as your conclusions. Involve what husk of examination is calm?} needed (2-3 slides) Make infallible to involve references (not involved in the slide number).  You must to-boot add a "script" in the notes individuality of each slide that indicates what you would say if you were presenting this in individual.  Make infallible it is visually appealing