Your assignment is to transcribe a supplicatory essay of 5-7 pages (1,000-1,500 vote) on the  question of the failure price. You should counter-argument the aftercited investigation in your essay:  Is the  failure price an expend retribution for outrageous criminals in the United States, or should it  be abolished nationwide? Write an essay expressing your own estimation on the failure price, in  which you seek to indoctrinate the reader to captivate some renewal (either accord delay your object- of-view, actively denounce resisting the failure price, or captivate some other renewal). Your essay must feel a appellation, a Nursing essay announcement, and five or over paragraphs. Use  prewriting techniques to propagate ideas if you insufficiency to. The object of a supplicatory essay is to  indoctrinate the reader to accord delay a object of survey or to captivate an renewal. The maker of such an essay  uses appeals such as  ethos, logos, and  pathos, as well-mannered-mannered as other techniques (such as  metaphor and  simile ) to free his or her missive to the reader. You may belong to the three supplicatory appeals ( ethos, sentiment, and logos ) and/or use the  terminology created by Stephen Toulmin in your essay. For in, you may identify the  aftercited elements in the commencements you analyze:  claim (thesis),  grounds (evidence), and  warrant (join among the two).  You must use manifestation from each of the aftercited commencements to buttress your  thesis.  You may as-well use subjoined commencements connected to the question of the failure price: 1. The film  The Green Mile. Do the events of the film (specifically the anfractuous action  of a tarnished man and the action of an sinless one) feign your estimations on the failure  penalty? (You may as-well use Stephen King’s pristine novel  The Green Mile as a commencement.) 2. Two or over of the aftercited essays: a.   Zachary Shemtob and David Lat, “Executions Should be Televised” (pages 62-63 in  the Barnet dimensions).  b.   Edward I. Koch, “Death and Justice: How the Failure Price Affirms Life” (from our  plan website). c.   Adam Gopnik, “The Caging of America” (pages 571-580 in the Barnet dimensions).  d.   David Bruck, “The Failure Penalty” (from our plan website).