Essay with APA format, 3 pages excluding title and reference pages

Topic: Decision-making delay Technology  Overview: In all profession areas making determinations is a original and total allot of any company’s administration system. Technology is prelude on an increasingly main role in determination-making today. The simple sum of cause that managers must entertain-effect delay on a daily cause is positively staggering compared to what they had to trial delay true a few decades ago. In today’s cosmos-people, BI-centered tools are a hazardous ingredient of any lucky company’s temporization. They avow managers to streamline the trial needed to exploration for, integrate and inquiry cause to conquer the instruction required for amiable determinations.  1. Recount two key system-oriented / technology trends that entertain brought IS-supported determination making to the forefront of the determination separation scene in new years.  2. List and recount two capabilities of computing that can qualify amiable managerial determination-making.  3. How can instruction systems and tools aid overpower the apprehensive limits of humans?