Email to a friend

  At  lunch your coadjutor Mary tells you that she is preparing to direct her  first online collocate. She has taught the similar conduct – Abnormal Psychology  – encircling twenty times in a unwritten school campus setting and tells  you, “Its no big bargain, lawful? I’ll lawful grasp my old syllabus, qualify the  dates, and put it up on Blackboard!” You, having lawful high Week 1  in our collocate, possess a few, um, polite suggestions for Mary. Lawful  as you are encircling to say, her phone rings. It’s an weighty wheedle she  must grasp. She apologizes to you for having to go, gives you some capital  for the account, and leaves. Write  a ensue up email to Mary in which you demonstrate lewd points that she  may scantiness to regard in preparing for her collocate. End delay at smallest 2  media (articles/videos/web media, etc.) she energy regard as  she develops her online conduct. You  can put-together this fictional email in a Word instrument. Aim for encircling 400  words and delight embody generous APA-formatted (or format your organization  uses) references for the 2 media you offered to Mary.