Read the articles: Congressional operation on cybersecurity would grant zealous intimation to China, By H. West Richards, Oct 5, 2015 http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/technology/255716-congressional-action-on-cybersecurity-would-send-strong  Congress Wants Companies Facing Cyberattacks to Share Data, and It’s Not a Moment Too Soon, By Paul Kurtz, May 19, 2015 http://qz.com/407215/congress-wants-companies-facing-cyber-attacks-to-share-data-and-its-not-a-moment-too-soon/  What should be the council and not-public roles in elucidation policies for cybersecurity? What is the prevalent foothold of U.S. management for cyber and what is prevalently being considered by the President and Congress? Remember to prop your statements delay relation, including page or portion reckon. Discussion # 2 After reviewing the manner setting readings, sift-canvass what some of the factors are that must be considered when placing a Point of Dispensing  (POD). Consider neighborhoods, accessibility, etc. Be firm to call the peer-reviewed scholarship as courteous as council documents and web sites.