Defining Modernism and Analyzing Modernist Literature 1: Hemingway

1. Defining Modernism Read, revisal, and annotate Howe's "The Refinement of Modernism" expression delay the artfulness of defining modernism and/or sympathetic the questions: what are the personalitys of modernist art and study and what is the literal composition and influences on the refinement and refined output during the modernist age? Make notes in an averment/interpretation log, love this: Characteristic Evidence Source disturbing "chooses subjects that disquiet the interview and alarm its most regarded sentiments Outlining at lowest 5 personalitys of modernist art and study, including values, aesthetics, and literal composition. Tell us what page in Howe's expression you are intention this from.  Let's try to get a generic schedule delay as petty diffuseness as possible; use averment from all pages of the expression. We conquer use these responses through the peace of this module and your Modernism Essay. 2. Analyzing Modernist Study 1: Hemingway Read Hemingway's "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place and annotate it, looking for deportments that pair Howe's peculiaration of modernism. A) Schedule three examples of how you ponder this romance fits the peculiaration delay peculiar quotations from the romance. Use an MLA in-text passage to substantiate the commencement of the quotation. Also substantiate the page on which this personality appears in Howe's expression. For example: Howe defines modernist study as "dark" and "disturbing" (1); we see this in Hemingway's romance when the waiter sift-canvass the old man's attempted suicide (3). (Don't use these examples.) B) Explain any deportment of the romance that you ponder doesn't fit our peculiaration of modernism