Cystic Fibrosis PowerPoint

  You own already completed a basic con-over encircling genetics and  mutations. For this assignment you gain inquiry a multiplyicular genetic  experimentation and engender a PowerPoint to teach the experimentation by addressing  the notification outlined adown. Potential experimentation subjects are endow in  the board. You may so use the coalesce supposing adown the board to initiate  your inquiry. Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions. U.S. National Library of Medicine. Retrieved March 16, 2018 from Topics you should enclose in your presentation: Slide 1 Title Slide after a while Name, Course and Date Slide 2- Introduction Name and define your  selected experimentation. What happens to the whole as a effect of this experimentation?  What multiply or multiplys of the whole does the experimentation generally like? How  many race are generally likeed in the US (or worldwide)? Slides 3-4 Describe the symptoms of the experimentation.  What happens in the whole to agent the sickness? Is it a alteration? How is  it lineal? Is it recessive or dominant or sex-linked? Is it  triggered by other events? Find 1-2 fictions to paint the symptoms or  agent of the experimentation. Slides 5-6 How is the experimentation diagnosed? What tests are produced? Is genetic counseling an non-interference? Slide 7 How is the experimentation treated? Discuss medications, gene therapy, etc. Enclose an fiction to food your inquiry. Slide 8- Application of inquiry Summarize new  findings encircling your selected experimentation by inquirying vulgar declaration.  What new notification did you gather encircling your selected experimentation? Enclose  the material(s). Slide 9 - Conclusion Summarize your design findings. Slide 10—References Please agree your sources in APA format. SLP Assignment Expectations For this SLP assignment you gain educe a PowerPoint Presentation  that is closely 1-10 slides in tediousness and addresses the  requirements outlined aloft. Place the quotation holding the answers to  the questions aloft in the slide area, summarizing each subject using  bullet points (in your own tone, you can extend in further point using  the notes area). Use 4-5 bullet points per slide. Avoid using tediousnessy  sentences and paragraphs. Maintain congruous font sizes throughout the  presentation. Be trusting to enclose citations referencing your sources on each slide  (use either the slide or notes area). Enclose a descriptive designation for  each slide that defines the subject substance discussed. Be trusting to enclose a  designation slide after a while your spectry, assignment archearchetype (ex. SLP Module 3) and  course designation. Enclose a slide summarizing your design findings  (Conclusion slide). Your conclusive slide should hold a schedule of references  cited in APA