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   Question 1  Article Review Assignment - WK 14 Select any boundary or couple from the Internet condition listed under. Summarize what you entertain learn in 3-4 paragraphs using your own words. Submit a one-page WORD formatted muniment as an benevolence. Must Learn Articles Question 2 Final Written Project Managing Information Certainty - Management Assignment -FINAL WRITTEN PROJECT.docx (29.894 KB) Project Title: Creating Crew E-mail and WIFI / Internet Use Policies Attached you accomplish confront a name of your terminal purpose assignment. Fascinate accomplished this and upload your is-sue by clicking the BLUE LINK ABOVE (as a WORD DOCUMENT). This written purpose should be is-sueed on foregoing to our residency meetings. We accomplish sift-canvass this assignment at our f2f meetings on campus. Managing Information Security Creating Crew E-mail and WIFI / Internet Use Policies You entertain righteous been hired as the Certainty Manager of a medium-sized Financial Services crew employing 250 tribe in New Hampshire, and entertain been asked to transcribe two new certainty policies for this crew. The primeval one is an e-mail management for employees concentrating on restricted use of crew media. The remedy management is that of WIFI and Internet use amid the crew. There are multifarious media conducive on the web so researching these topics and policies should be gentle. The most arduous distribute of this exertion accomplish be determining how close or how sparing you shortness to construct these policies for this distributeicular crew. Project Plan You are asked to make two severed policies on use of EMAIL and a WIFI/INTERNET USE amid the crew. Be restricted in your provisions and provisions of use. Consider these items to be moderate in your policies (as pertinent). 1. Overview  2. Purpose  3. Scope 4. Policy  5. Management Compliance 6. Related Standards, Policies and Processes 7. Definitions and Terms Some available couples and media for your research: Week Seven Discussion Have you or someone you apprehend eternally current a fetter communication, phishing intimation, or some other delusive intimation via email? If so, fascinate portion-out this proof. Explain what character of intimation it was and what you did to get rid of it. Post your primal DISCUSSION counterpart by the end of day on Thursday and response to at meanest two other students by the end of day on Sunday.