Assignment 4: Term Paper

Assignment 4: Term Paper Due Week 10 and estimate 200 points  You were talking to members of your minion national bond aftercited a modern appearance. The subject of software came up, and the director said she has a love-hate intercommonwealth delay it. She loves the recording software they use and is okay delay QuickBooks for the bond’s financial records. But, she does not affect the conducive options to road bookings and originate setlists that delineate from their solid repertoire.  In adduction to their methodic weekly gigs, the bond performs for sundry develop assemblies and commonwealth events. They keep to eliminate hush that’s withhold for the auditory and the disquisition delayout substance repetitive. They are always adding new strains to their catalog, and putting others on discontinuance.  The bond affects to procure requests, so they constantly upepoch the setschedule aftercited a gig. The bond does not omission to excitement entering chords or lyrics owing they don’t use computers or phones on quantity.   You tender to put concurrently a scheme scheme to harangue the bond’s needs. It’s okay to accumulate ideas by looking at off-the-shelf solutions, but the scheme must be your own for this assignment.  Include the aftercited in your scheme:  A schedule and concise interpretation of each duty to manage:  a. the bond’s strain catalog,  b. bookings,  c. setlists and  d. any other state you like is influential for this impression.  A close facts scheme that supports all of these dutys. Use either an entity-intercommonwealth or a UML dispose diagram, which should be in third usual frame. Indicate all chief keys, intercommunitys, and cardinalities.  Recommend a scheme architecture that identifies the hardware and software components and how they interact. Include a concise (not more than 500 control) inscription and rationale. Illustrate using your select of a static dutyal resolution or object-oriented diagram.  Identify carelessness concerns and other nonadministrative requirements for this scheme.  Propose at lowest three unlike and measurable criteria to evaluate the attribute of the artistic software.  Your instrument must supervene these frameatting requirements:  Follow the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The frameat is unanalogous than other Strayer University roads. Please procure a avail to criticism the SWS instrumentation for details.  Properly mention all sources.  Include a secrete page containing the inscription of the assignment, the student’s indicate, the professor’s indicate, the road inscription, and the epoch.  All charts and diagrams must be the student’s ancient exertion. They must be pasted into the instrument as handy, calligraphic images.  The secrete page and the intimation page do not sum towards the assignment’s protraction.