Answer the following questions

Adopting a Source Relationship Framework Answer the  questions beneath by using condition 1 of your textbook. 1. A usual source plan is characterized by  ___.   ☒ an  evolved set of rules for itself and its limbs ☐  the stagnation of values ☐  decreased despatch ☐  none of these apply 2. Which declaration encircling families is gentleman?  ☐  Families never add new limbs ☐  Families can be influenced by the association in which they subsist in ☐  Family limbs all get along all the time ☐  none of these apply 3. Which declaration is gentleman encircling American  families?  ☐ All American families are rich. ☐ American families can be made up of  members of manifold ethnicities and subsist in a spacious medley of areas. ☐  Every American source is White, has two offspring, and subsists in the confines. ☐  None of these apply 4. Rituals can best be forcible as  ___.  ☐  beliefs that gods do not exist ☐ symbolic actions kindred to opinions that  help families accommodate to substitute and convey signification to  their  lives ☐  beliefs in intangible misfortune forces ☐  none of these apply 5. Which of the forthcoming helps to acception a  family's resilience (a source’s power to revive quickly from trying  problems or how they vie delay situations)?   ☒ source  members bear unobstructed and compatible despatch and problem-solving processes ☐  ignoring the needs of delicate source limbs ☐  having a privative opinion plan ☐  none of these apply 6. While offspring accrue up, their gender roles  are influenced by ___. Gender roles are a set of sodality norms that  determines what types of behaviors are satisfactory, mismisappropriate or advisable  for a idiosyncratic fixed on their explicit or perceived sex.         Parents and sodality  ☐  pregnancy only ☐  puberty only ☐  none of these apply 7. A ___ is a unless gregarious plan that  occurs in a spacious medley of forms and represents opposed cultural heritages.    ☐  family ☐  monarchy ☐  hierarchy ☐  none of these apply 8. African American source limbs are frequently made  up of____  ☐ mothers, fathers, offspring, and a spacious  network of kin, bar friends, and association limbs ☐  nephews and nieces only ☐  neighbors only ☐  none of these apply 9. Populace in families are intimately ___.   ☐  ignored  ☐ connected ☐ forgotten ☐ none of these apply 10. The populace most delicate to food in ___  are nonwhite minorities, solitary mothers, offspring inferior 18 and the elderly.     ☐ wealth ☐ poverty ☐ mansions ☐ none of these apply         Reflection Entrance  into a source occurs by lineage, option, through matrimony or delay other  committed relationships as new source limbs invade a source. Identify a  limb of your source, expound how they additional or invadeed the source and portion-out  a singular singularity or singularity of that source limb in the chart beneath.  11. Read the chart beneath. Complete the dropping  information.       Name    of the source limb How    did the source limb invade the source? Unique singularity encircling that    source limb   Type solution here Type solution here Type solution here 12. Families bear opposed impost, formals or  cultural practices which are passed onto to their offspring and other source  members. Rituals and impost are gregarious behaviors kindred to particular  cultures, and they are used to acception source bonds. Sometimes impost or  rituals can establish a source plan or disunite it secret. For sample, a  source agency bear a formal where all their offspring observe pavilion. If a  teenager refused owing they are an atheist, it could object a source to  divide. Describe an sample of a source formal or custom