Advance Nursing Practice Week 4 Quiz Questions

   Note: It is recommended that you husband your repartee as you consummate each investigation.    Question 1 (1 summit) An older manful enduring reports urinary abundance, tail indisposition, and nocturia. A dipstick urinalysis reveals hematuria. What succeed the provider do present to evaluate this mode? Question 1 options:        a)  Order     a PSA and effect a digital rectal exam       b)  Refer     for a biopsy       c)  Refer     the enduring to a urologist       d)  Schedule     a transurethral ultrasound Save Question 2 (1 summit) A 30-year-old manful enduring has a dogmatical leukocyte esterase and nitrites on a wild urine dipstick during a polite enduring exam. What pattern of urinary repose contamination does this illustrate? Question 2 options:        a)  Complicated       b)  Isolation       c)  Uncomplicated       d)  Unresolved Save Question 3 (1 summit) A exalted discipline athlete is brought to the strait division succeeding collapsing during outdoor performance on a hot day. The enduring is wavering, carping, and complex. Serum sodium is 152 mEq/L and has dry mucous membranes and tachycardia. What is the primal adit to rehydration in this enduring? Question 3 options:        a)  Hypotonic     intravenous watery replacement       b)  Intravenous     watery possession delay an isotonic solution       c)  Loop     diuretics and hypotonic intravenous waterys       d)  Oral     water replacement Save Question 4 (1 summit) What is an relevant mind of conducting an colloquy anterior to initiation neuropsychological testing on an older adult reported of having dementia? Question 4 options:        a)  To     assess the enduring’s force to avoid delay the testing       b)  To     determine the enduring’s rate of dementia       c)  To     evaluate the enduring’s feelings about family members’ concerns       d)  To     find out whether a referral to a specialist is needed Save Question 5 (1 summit) A enduring reports repeated commanderaches supervenering 1 or 2 times per month that generally supervene delay clime changes or when slumber patterns are disrupted and describes them as sharp, delay throbbing on one party of the commander and casually accompanied by sea-sickness. What is the recommended treatment for this pattern of commanderache? Question 5 options:        a)  Gabapentin       b)  Propranolol       c)  Rizatriptan       d)  Topiramate