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Assignment Week 1 | Introduction to Line Counseling Current All Save Link Assignment O*NET Tractate (Obj. 1.4 and 1.5) View Rubric Due Date: May 23, 2018 23:59:59       Max Points: 115 Details: Navigate to the “My Next Move” webbirth and use the O*NET Interest Profiler rally. https://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip Write a tractate (750 expression) about your rally results. Include the aftercited in your tractate:     Document the names and scores of your Holland Code (Referred online as the Interest Profiler Results)     Based on the results, catalogue three unanalogous lines offered as possible matches for you (each should be at a unanalogous job zone/educational raze)     Identify the teaching required, possible eight of the line, presumptive stipend, and other instruction conjoined to the line     Provide your impression of how beneficial the webbirth was, how unconcerned it was to use, how well-mannered-mannered the birth conjoined you to lines you would in-effect be assiduous in     Discuss how you may use this birth when providing line counseling after a while clients     At smallest three references from the O*NET birth. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines endow in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. This assignment uses a rubric. Please revisal the rubric foregoing to initiation the assignment to befit affable after a while the expectations for lucky example. You are required to acquiesce this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. This assignment meets the aftercited CACREP Standards: 2.F.4.b. Approaches for conceptualizing the interrelationships natant and among product, hyperphysical well-mannered-being, relationships, and other spirit roles and factors. 2.F.4.c. Processes for identifying and using line, avocational, teachingal, occupational and drudge trade instruction instrument, technology, and instruction systems.   Please Note: Assignment accomplish not be acquiesceted to the donation limb until the "Submit" dot subordinate "Final Submission" is clicked. New Attempt Title Attached Documents Citation Report Similarity Index Final Submission   Click 'New Attempt' to initiate assignment or subjoin documents