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   1-This is a refractory subject-matter.  Here you are, a afloat nativity, you are going to teach to rectify yourself well-behaved-balanced advance and you millions of others are quiet faced delay these decisions environing heartiness economy.  When you say you crave I apprehend you balance that literally consequently our daughter is in the similar boat.  My wife guards talking environing void to repair existing but he upright does not learn the absorb of having cheerful heartiness economy.  I achieve probably be afloat until I am 90 consequently I achieve be anxious of Medieconomy and not entity potent to supply cheerful economy.  Wish we had rectify answers but we are not getting anywhere rapid...that's for believing.     2-The most significant elements of the Affordpotent Economy Act were to get over nation insured, to guard absorbs down and to rectify overall economy and consequences.  New laws were to execute supplypotent heartiness security availpotent to over nation.  The law would procure consumers delay douceur tax credits that achieve inferior absorbs for households that capacitate.  To capacitate households must bear proceedss among 100% and 400% of the federal want flatten. Another constituent was to swell-behaved the Medicaid program.  This would now overspread all adults delay proceeds underneath 138% of the federal want flatten.  In restoration, the end was to influence medical economy endowment methods prepared to inferior absorbs of heartiness economy overall. As entertains, we insufficiency to abide to be innovators and abide our product in probation.  We insufficiency to convergence on abiding to rectify on resigned prophylactic and decorous power of economy.  Nurses insufficiency to abide to be lifelong learners and encounter demands of a changing sociality.  We must to-boot abide to elevate the bar for order delay advanced degrees.  We must abide to press for over dissonance in our trade to guard up delay our various sociality to execute resigneds over convenient.  We to-boot insufficiency to abide to fetch our ideas to the tpotent and be leaders delayin our organizations.  As we irritate interprofessional collaboration the resigneds achieve advantage from teams afloat over closely contemporaneously to rectify resigned economy.     3-The key elements of the Affordpotent Economy Act are the following: providing general advent to heartinesseconomy overspreadage for the full population from source through repairment, this achieve procure overspreadage for environing 94 percent of the American nation, to rectify power, supplyability and simplicity of heartiness security overspreadage, to repair heartinesseconomy pliancy, power, dissonance and values, to narrow profuse spending, and to rectify common heartiness by swelling clinical counteractive economy and homogeneity investments. The Act convergencees on decorous common heartiness by investing in leading heartiness economy, in-particular in medically underserved communities. It to-boot extensiond security overspreadage for clinical counteractive services and procedures. For point, tangible probation, annual well-behavedness visits, well-behaved-behaved child visits, immunizations, screening exams, love colonoscopy, mammograms and cervical cancer, are all overspreaded by security delay no absorb sharing. In restoration, the product of a general counteractive artfulness and the science of a Interruption and Common Heartiness Trust Fund, to capital investments in communities that achieve rectify common heartiness. Advance investments are entity made to in teach-based heartiness programs, counteractive unwritten heartiness economy, tobacco pause and adding interruption artfulnessning to Medicare. Nurses are personate a material role and a an very-much significant driving validity in the applianceation of this law. By developing innovative economy models love transition of economy, settlement economy, economy address, and entertain managed clinics, entertains achieve rectify power of economy and inferior heartiness economy absorb.  Also, participating in probation to aid in philosophical evidence-based practices which rectifys power, prophylactic and resigned consequence. Advanced practices entertains aid extension the availability of leading economy procurers and procure absorb telling economy. Lastly, nursing example achieve be insufficiencyed to appliance rectify productflows to narrow medication errors, rectify power and economy coordination, and increasing advent to medical economy. For these reasons and divers others, entertains are of upmost signification in the applianceation system of this Act.