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   Social Determinants of Health Answer one of the aftercited questions: · Increasingly, bloom policymakers are fit known of the gregarious determinants of bloom and the role they embody in obstruction sickness and promoting bloom and wellness. In the “Frameworks for Exercise in Policy and Politics” stipulation, scrutinize Box 1-1 (Political Aspects of the Gregarious Determinants of Health) and Figure 1-6 (The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Nursing’s Policy Influence). Then collate these delay the romance encircling Lilian Wald’s fruit in New York City. Reflect on the “what” of Wald’s strategies. In your notion, which did she use effectively? Looking aid at the “what” in Figure 1-6 and apology any one of the aftercited questions: o Argue at lowest three competencies/strategies that you feel used effectively. o Identify three competencies/strategies that you don’t currently use and argue how you force conglutinate them into your eulogy toolbox. Review the impure admonitions in the IOM description The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Bloom and confront your state's exercise compromise( THIS LINK OR WEBSITE TO ACCES THE STATE’S ACTION · . Argue your state’s exercise compromise’s fruit as it aligns delay these impure admonitions. Is each admonition nature addressed? Based on your dissection of the website, how would you picture your state’s growth inside meeting the IOM admonitions?APA FORMAT AND REFERENCES NEEDED.