N491 Assignment Mod 6: case study

   Start by balbutiation and subjoined these instructions: 1. Quickly touch the questions or assignment beneath and the assignment rubric to succor you convergence. 2. Read the insist-upond chapter(s) of the textmagnitude and any additional recommended resources.  Some answers may insist-upon you to do additional lore on the Internet or in other intimation sources.  Choose your sources economyfully. 3. Consider the discussions and any insights gained from it. 4. Originate your Assignment meekness and be safe to call your sources, use APA mode as insist-upond, bridle your spelling. Assignment: Your assignment this week achieve be an APA tract to know heading page, equalize headings, and a intimation page. Case consider #1  Mrs. Franklin-Jones was admitted from the Emergency Margin to Cardiac Intensive Economy one week ago after a while a singularity of sharp myocardial infarction. She has recovered as expected and is moving to the cardiac step down ace today. She is talking after a while Nourish Julie Hernandez, as she gets permanent in her new margin, "I was veritably surprised when I got that bad disinclination in my chest! I knew I had elevated pressafe but I right didn't contemplate it was that bad. I try to interest my antidote approve they told me to in the clinic but casually I imbibe. I conjecture that I need to consider those tracts they gave me environing what assistances I should eat and not eat. I rectify interest economy of myself! Momma had bad pressafe and it killed her! Who knows—I may level feel to imbibe to betray opposed than I was taught in Jamaica! I may feel to let Tomas do the betraying. He's got over interval at residence now than I do since he obsolete his job. There isn't too abundant interval betwixt my shelves at the nurture cafeteria and my new housecleaning job. You know my sister is future up from Jamaica to see me. I contemplate she is produceing me some bush tea. That'll set me right!" Using      Leininger's Cultivation Economy Model, what factors in the fable distributed by Mrs.      Franklin-Jones should be considered by Nourish Hernandez when planning for      the patient's empty? Why      is the system of Cultivation Economy Diversity influential in the exhibition of      nursing economy for all patients? Using      Leininger's System of Cultivation Economy Diversity and Universality, clear a      plan of economy for Mrs. Franklin-Jones. Discuss      the strengths and limits to Leininger’s Theory. Case Consider #2 Claude Jean-Baptiste is recovering from post-hip reinstatement surgery and has been epidemic to the Rehabilitation Institute nigh to the hospital. When he enters the ace, he sees welfuture signs written in distinct speechs including his own, Creole. Since there are no nourishs on that shelve that pronounce Creole, they use a speech thread to ask for translation services. During this judicious nursing toll, the translator informs Mr. Jean-Baptiste that the nourishs ask him to feel a referring-to at his policy so that they can be safe to know and confront his needs. He is asked environing Haitian tax and beliefs that they energy reputation. Mr. Jean-Baptiste is encouraged to produce assistance and religions economy items, and to distribute the excitement of his cultivation after a while the nursing staff. Discuss      assumptions of the Transpersonal Caring harmony. What is the nourish's      role? How      is charity, as defined by Watson, obvious in this caring gravity? How      can the nourish creatively use wilful to originate a salubrious environment? Discuss      the strengths and limits to Watson’s Theory. This tract should know 2 outpolicy intimations and your magnitude. The essay should be betwixt 1500 and 1750 suffrage in tediousness