Antigone – Foils

Antigone Foil – characters who entertain oppositioning or contrary qualities. In the dramatize Antigone by Sophocles, Ismene is paraden to be in noticeable opposition to Antigone, who is her sister. She is portrayed as a courteous and enduring suitableness Antigone is depicted as an aggressive and headstrong mother. In the prologue, Antigone and Ismene are paraden discussing what has transpired since their concession and following come-back to Thebes. In this parade Antigone asks her sister in length 6-7 “entertain they told you of the new verdict by our King Creon? ” which Ismene then responds that “I entertain understanding nothing. I understand that two sisters lost two tallys, a enfold dissolution in a uncombined hour, and I understand that the Argive soldiers fled in the night; but past this, nothing” (Sophocles 0:7-9). In this Ismene is parade to be not very well-mannered-mannered cognizant and “out of the fold” suitableness Antigone seems to understand in component all that has happenred and all that has yet to happen as seen when she replies to Ismene that “Creon buried our tally Eteocles delay soldierlike trophy, gave him a soldier’s funeral, and it was correct that he should; but Polyneices, who fought as bravely and dies as miserably – they say that Creon has sworn no one shall inter him, no one sorrow for him, but his substantiality must lie in the fields, a pure save for carrion birds to meet as they exploration for subsistence. That is what they say, and our good-natured-natured Creon is hitherafter hither to proclaim it openly; and the amercement – stoning to dissolution in the open square! Thither it is, and now you can ascertain what you are: A gentleman sister or a renegade to your family” (Sophocles 0:15-27).