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  This is a insensitive essay fixed on the lections encircling Socrates’ Trial and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, discussed in stipulation 3 of the eText. In a dirty essay, 2 to 3 pages submitted as a improve muniment, double-spaced delay two brief supportive repeats (brief repeat media 40 articulation or short), and the interval spirit your own reflections fixed on the lection and correspondent any TWO of the forthcoming three questions: [a] From Socrates’ “Apology” - How did Socrates go encircling reserved to retort the Oracle of the god encircling who was the intelligentst special in Athens, and what do you hold this shows encircling the naturalness of sagacity in Socrates’ philosophy?  What does it average to be intelligent?  Have you forforever unconcealed someone you considered intelligent?  If so, what were they approve?  If not, why do you hold such specials are worthy? [b] From Socrates’ “Apology” - What are two of Socrates distinct across arguments encircling departure not spirit notability that he should dread?  Why do you hold so multifarious race dread departure?  Do any of Socrates arguments acceleration you hold dissimilar encircling departure? [c] From Plato’s “Republic: The Allegory of the Cave” - Explain how the Allegory of the Cave can be understood as a delineate of Socrates’ spirit and departure, as well-mannered-mannered as a delineate of our ethnical plight.  What is the contrariety among race who won’t let go of their cave-wall-shadows and those who won’t let go of their screened technology?