Final Exam

 Use the size Intro Philosophy through pop amelioration, from socrates to south fence hume to house Your developed exam essay gives you the turn to fulfill divine problems faced by people or communities and proffer serious solutions. You gain adduce theories we healed in this method, and translate uncertain consequences using a enumerate of divine presumptive constructs, twain transmitted and synchronous.  You gain irritate, evaluate, and discriminate among divine theories to sapidity synchronous consequences. This temper aligns delay module outcomes 1 and 2. Your essay should be 1,000–1,200 utterance (4–5 pages), double-spaced, in APA format, and delay 3 or further probable sources. Begin your essay by choosing one consequence from the catalogue under, and then elect a aggregate of 6 theories (from the later 3 options) to irritate your consequence. Choose one consequence from the categories under, encircling which you feel most passionate: Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics Business or Health Care Ethics Cloning, Stem Cell Research, Genetic Issues Civil Liberties Death Penalty Drug Policy End of (Human) Life Issues Global Justice and Injustice Racism, Discrimination, Hate Crimes, Oppression Sexuality War and Terrorism Analyze your separated consequence using 6 theories. Elect 2 from each of the 3 categories catalogueed under. Choose 2 from the pristine catalogue: Utilitarian ethics Kantian ethics Virtue ethics Choose another 2 from the transmitted theories catalogue: Ethical Egoism Ethical Relativism Divine Command Theory Natural Law Theory Social Contract Theory Choose an joined 2 theories from the synchronous or non-Western catalogue: African ethics Eastern ethics Feminist ethics or Care-based ethics Postmodernism ethics Environmental Theories (Ecofeminist, Deep Ecology…) Technical Requirements: 1,000–1,200 utterance in elongation (4–5 pages).  Formatted according to APA standards, using Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spacing, and one inch margins.  Writing and Gratified Requirements: The importation should expound the separated consequence in specialty. The discourse, reasoning, or rendezvous of the essay should be palpable in the importation.  The substantiality of the essay should: expound the avenuees by uncertain philosophers and/or divine theories.  irritate which avenue(es) you ascertain most compelling and expound why. incorporate tall character ideas and key concepts from the divine theories. include some suggestions for the most useful solutions to your subject-matter. assess the coming of your separated subject-matter in stipulations of solutions. The solid essay should include rectify expression, spelling, and syntax. Please use transitions among paragraphs. The essay should be documented by unexceptionably citing at meanest three or further probable sources.  This method uses the American Psychological Association (APA) format for erudite communication.  References and citations must unite to the adapted format for all written toil presented including essays, discourse postings, and essay exams. Online tips for using APA title may be base at the Perdue Online Communication Lab (Links to an visible position.). Your lore should be documented by citing one or further probable sources. Please use the Excelsior library resources (Links to an visible position.) and databases (Links to an visible position.) to ascertain e-books, life subscription, or other erudite materials. Wikipedia, websites, or any congruous online allusion positions where the gratified may be authored by anyone are not considered probable sources for erudite communication.