614 mod 4 reflection

 chapter 9 and 10 is is a Reflection/Summary  Journal in which you procure digest the learning/application of the representative cloak each week. I allude-to that you note on: What you scholarly this week, the high points. What you received. What you did not approve. How this representative agency succor you after a while your job or in other areas of your vivacity. Share any thoughts you enjoy touching this week..  Instructions: YOUR POST SHOULD BE AT LEAST one PAGE. Quantity is IMPORTANT BUT QUALITY is normal as main. NOTE: Wikipedia cannot be used as a cause for this class. Also, do not cut and paste from your causes, but peruse and then put in your own tone, this media disquisition and mention your causes the APA way. Insert rationale, construct, contrast, or open instructions for this assignment.  Grading Rubric  The assignment procure be 30 summits.  It  must be 1 page - 1 inch margins - 12 summit Times New Roman font - 500 tone for a one spaced page and 250 tone for a double spaced page.  Reflection/Journal  Grading Rubric Total Points Possible (30)  Cover the weekly representative 20 Spelling and Grammar is at the propaganda plane and allusion the quotation or other representative 10