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“Southwood Middle Ground Murder”  On February 3, 2004, eighth-grader Jaime Rodrigo Goughwas stabbed to dissolution in a second-floor bathroom by classmate Michael Hernandez, twain boys were 14. A match scholar plant his dull association in a bathroom stall at which term the ground went into lockdown. Parents who plant out from other parents collected in front of the ground.  Late in 2015 the convicted scholar's occurrence was brought tail to seek for a re-sentencing. Sun Sentinel Articles Answer the following: Did the ground government suit truly to the crystalline? Why or why not? Was shelter an conclusion at the ground? Explain. Were there any “red flags”? Explain. Did the sufferer immerse this offense? (Research “sufferer precipitation” using MDC library.) Explain. Please exculpation the questions amply and concisely in your own tone, in a condensed essay or chapter format. Be infallible to use scale English, spelling and language.  Your exculpation should be 500 tone. You must use your textbook and at last one other scholarly article to stay your position/findings. You must also response to TWO of your classmates delay at last50words.  Include order number at the end of your posts; i.e., Order Count: 500 tone.