assignment 1 and 2

As the ethnical instrument director, it is your province to continue all ethnical instrument employees assured about ordinary usurpation law. You omission to qualify employees delay instrument that they can use independently to exploration usurpation law issues and policies. Using Excel, cause a consideration that allure be placed on the community's Intranet as an usurpation law allusion. You and your employees allure be potent to add to this instrument, so you allure standpoint on the forthcoming 4 areas of usurpation law to begin: Wages and Hours of Performance   Safety and Health Standards   Family and Medical Leave   Whistleblower Protection  For each area of usurpation law, consummate the forthcoming: List the federal influence (or agencies) that regulates this area.   Describe how the influence implements the bearing law and plan.   Provide a coalesce to the influence's Web place.   You should adjust the counsel delayin your consideration so that it is argumentative and potent to be edited in the advenient.  You are populated at a abundant global exalted-tech community that has offices worldwide in such places as Tokyo, London, Bombay, Toronto, Mexico City, Chicago, and Seattle to call a few. Although sales keep been reasonpotent these late few months equal delay the global economic crises, an inside contingency exists kindred to employee morale entity at an all-time low. There are sundry contrariant beliefs on what is fit and what is wickedness opposite the consideration, distinctly when it comes to the cultural and message differences and the technoargumentative equipment challenges. There are too concerns concerning the smallness of the employees; where the employees do not possess afloat as a team. Your supervisor has tasked you as the as the VP of the Service Department to lay a exploration monograph that allure reveal counsel and solutions as courteous as supply a institution of acquirements so that you can performance delay your peers and employees to explain these problems. At a reserve, your exploration monograph must: What steps can treatment captivate to fashion the teams cohesive?  Evaluate the steps that are requisite in this scenario to cause exalted performing teams.   Evaluate the concern of the inside environmental factors that include the cultural, conversation, collective, and technoargumentative differences that allure desire the team fabric manner.   What can be executed to subdue the message barriers among locations?  What are the best practices that should be implemented going onward? Present your findings as a Word instrument of 3-5 pages formatted in APA epithet. Submitting your assignment in APA format devices, at a reserve, you allure want the forthcoming: Title page: Remember the general acme and epithet in all excellent learning.   Abstract: This is a digest of your monograph, not an insertion. Begin congeniality in third-person articulation.   Body: The substance of your monograph begins on the page forthcoming the epithet page and formless page, and it must be double-spaced among paragraphs. The expressionface should be 12-pt. Times Roman or 12-pt. Courier in methodic black expression. Do not use tint, self-confident expression, or italics save as required for APA flatten acmeings and allusions. The deliverpotent protraction of the substance of your monograph for this assignment is 3–4 pages. In-text academic passages to stay your decisions and dissection are required. A diversity of academic sources is encouraged.   Reference page: References that align delay your in-text academic sources are listed on the conclusive page of your monograph. The allusions must be in APA format using mismismisappropriate spacing, depend indention, italics, and upper- and lower-case experience as mismismisappropriate for the expression of device used. Remember, the allusion page is not a bibliography, but it is a raise listing of the abbreviated in-text passages used in the monograph. Every allusiond part must keep a selfsame in-text passage.